Yemaali review:An experimental film which falls flat

Yemaali review:An experimental film which falls flat

Source: Sify

Sunday 4 February 2018

Movie Title



VZ Durai

Star Cast

Samuthirkani, Sam Jones, Athulya Ravi

Director VZ Durai who is known for his experimental films like Mugavari, Thotti Jaya, Nepali and Aaru Melugu Varthigal is back with Yemaali, a new age romantic thriller with a unique screenplay pattern. Yes, VZ Durai’s idea of narration is truly different but the director fails to get the urban flavor right and all his actors are disappointing.

IT employees Mali (Sam Jones) and Rithu (Athulya Ravi) are seeing each other for nearly two years but all of a sudden, their relationship sours. Rithu proposes the idea of ‘break up’ and decides to go her own way. Mali is unable to digest that his girl has moved away but  leads a happy life. 

Mali tells  Arvind (Samuthirakani), who is like a brother to him that he feels like killing Rithu . Although Arvind tries his best to convince Mali, the result ins't fruitful so he suggests a plan and according to which, both of them should sketch a plan to murder Rithu and investigate it from the point of view of cops. If Mali cracks a proper plan to murder Rithu, Arvind gives his nod or else, and the brainstorming continues…

Durai’s move to use Samuthirakani and Sam Jones character as investigative officers is brilliant. The screenplay is experimental and as a script, Yemaali definitely deserves an applause. But what works against the film is wrong casting. We cannot accept Samuthirakani as a youngster who is in a live-in relationship. The director also shows that women of today especially IT industry indulge in multiple relationships!!! Last year, Ram handled the similar topic with more authenticity but sadly, Durai’s portrayal of IT youngsters is too filmy.

Newcomer Sam Jones is in inadequate for his character and so is Athulya Ravi! Cinematographers Rathesh Kannan and Prakash’s works in the investigation sequences are laudable and Sam D Raj’s music is passable.

Yemaali is an experimental attempt from VZ Durai which may have worked with a better starcast.

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