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You can't help falling for Quick Gun Murugun

Quick Gun Murugun
Shashanka Ghosh
Rajendra Prasad, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Sandhya Mridul, Rambha, Ashwin Mushran
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There are few characters that stand the test of time. Quick Gun Murugun was a character created in the mid-90s for Channel V, and the `unlikely superhero` was recently spoofed in Om Shanti Om. But would the makers manage creating a feature as funny as the promos, wondered the skeptic mind.

Armed with two pistols, this orange pants-green shirt-pink scarf sporting South Indian hero asks of a nightclub dancer, "What is a girl like you from a good family doing in such a place?" As is apparent, his unconventional hero looks and seeped-in-tradition heart only add to his charm.

Quick Gun Murugun (played by veteran Telugu actor Rajendra Prasad) is a happy man professing his love by singing a song and saying "My heart is yours... sincerely, affectionately." The delicate spoofing of the South Indian`s propensity to formalize conversations has you tickled.

When his girlfriend (Anu Menon) is no more, he cries with tears dripping into his drink. That’s where he meets Gunpowder, a villain who harasses vegetarian restaurant owners, forcing them to convert to non-vegetarianism. This racket is run by Rice Plate Reddy (Nasser) who dreams of running a non-veg dosa empire.

Since Murugun believes that he is a cowboy translating into `a protector of cows’, he confronts the baddies who kill him in no time. Murugun reaches heaven and appeals to the person in charge of sending people back home. The film then trails Murugun’s trip back to Earth and his revenge thereon.

The fights are great fun with bullets in slow-mo, and Murugun throwing a lit match (spoofing Rajnikant) and saying, "If you are lightening, I am 250 volt current, I say."

Another interesting one is held in the midst of Mumbai traffic, making a delicious comment on the lack of open space in the city. Other memorable bits include Reddy dictating a death resignation letter complete with punctuation marks, and the kidnapping of mothers for their secret dosa recipe. The makers have gone overboard with the violence though, inhibiting the laughs.

Dialogue is hilarious with lines like `Leave the ladies, I say` and `I will cut your bus ticket to heaven`. It would be absolutely unfair to reveal the other gems of dialogue, though one is tempted.

Director Shashank Ghosh’s ( has written and directed Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II) part-comic-book, part spoofy execution is consistent and the film remains strong throughout. Performance by the cast, especially the straight-faced Rajendra Prasad, is a treat. Technically proficient (Daniel George’s score does take getting used to), the film has superb cinematography, art direction, editing, and sound design.

The end has Quick Gun Murugun proclaim, "The sky is my ceiling and the whole creation is my native place." How can you not fall for this fragile-hearted, superhero, I say!

Verdict: Three stars


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