Yuvraj Bose is optimistic about 'Irumbu Kuthirai'

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 27, 2014 09:57 hrs

Director of Irumbu Kuthrai -Yuvraj Bose who is looking forward to the release of his debut movie which promises lot of thrills speaks to sify.com.Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What is ‘Irumbu Kuthirai’ based on?
Irumbu Kuthirai is set in Pondicherry and it is based on a true incident. Tamil cinema has not had many movies with bikes as their prime focus. The base of the movie is a love story but it is set in a race backdrop. 

Atharvaa has just garnered enormous critical acclaim for his work in ‘Paradesi’. How did you rope him in for ‘Irumbu kudhirai’?
I was looking for someone who can act and at the same time looks good. Atharvaa fitted the character of a boy-next-door to the T. His look and role in this movie is a complete contrast to Paradesi but he has acted in a very realistic way. 

The movie has Priya Anand as well as Lakshmi Rai. Tell us about their roles:
As I said earlier, the base of ‘Irumbu kuthirai’ is a love story. Priya Anand plays Atharvaa’s love interest. This is the first movie in their combination. Because of that, the pairing looks really fresh. Lakshmi Rai’s character has an element of suspense and her role is important to the screenplay. She has also done a great job in the movie. 

GV Prakash seems to have experimented with the songs. How was the experience in working with him?
The movie’s vital part is its re-recording. There are very few dialogues in the movie and the background score does the rest. He took a lot of time to do the background score of my movie and has indeed elevated the output. The movie also has 5 songs where each song is of a different genre. 

You seemed to have shot a large portion of the movie in abroad.  Tell us about that experience:
We wanted to make use of the high-end bikes like Ducati and that’s the main reason we wanted to shot abroad. In India, it is difficult to obtain permission and also it is difficult to shoot in our roads. We shot a large portion in Italy where we got hold of a Ducati. The technicians have choreographed some thrilling stunts which has come out really well. 

Johnny Tri Nguyen’s role is said to be the surprise package. How did he come into the cast?
Johnny Tri Nguyen is already a trained biker and he is the brand ambassador for Ducati’s in Vietnam. He suited perfectly for the ‘Innocent Boy vs Strong Villain’ theme of the movie. He is well trained in martial arts too and that helped while filming the stunts of the movie. The movie is set in Pondicherry where we can come across many foreigners and that’s how Tri Nguyen was chosen for the part. 

What sort of message ‘Irumbu Kuthirai’ gives out for young bikers?
If you notice professional bikers, they won’t ride a bike without helmets. They would always follow the speed limits and other road rules. They speed up only on race tracks and that too during the race alone. The movie gets unfolded on an incident which involves the repercussions of Signal Skipping. Irumbu Kuthirai doesn’t give out any bad education or bad inspiration for young bikers.

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