26/11 fourth anniversary sees public's angst assuaged by Kasab hanging

Last Updated: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 11:00 hrs

The fourth anniversary of the 26/11 terror strike saw people's angst assuaged by the recent execution of Ajmal Kasab.

"We were very happy when Kasab was executed. The government was late in deciding, but it was the right decision," said Abbas Qureshi, a local resident.

Kasab was executed on the morning of November 21 amid great secrecy, underscoring the political sensitivity of the November 26, 2008, massacre, which still casts a pall over relations between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India.

The execution seemed to have restored the people's faith in the government's ability to send out a warning to those intending to make attacks on the country.

"Kasab's execution has sent out a message that militants should not attack Mumbai again. It has created fear among them, because if they attack again, the government will act promptly," said Manik Borade, a local resident.

Ten militants arrived on the city shoreline in a dinghy on November 26, 2008, before splitting into four groups and embarking on a killing spree. They held off elite commandos for up to 60 hours in two luxury hotels and a Jewish centre. At the end of the commando operations, Ajmal Kasab was arrested while the other nine gunmen were killed. (ANI)

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