2nd post-mortem report of blackbucks nailed Salman

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 07, 2018 14:59 hrs
Salman Khan

New Delhi: The second post-mortem report of the two blackbucks played a key role in proving that the animals had died of gunshots, as the trial court, while convicting Salman Khan, mentioned that it has been proved beyond doubt that the Bollywood superstar had shot them.

The medical board report stated that there were holes, one inch in diameter, in the bones of blackbuck carcasses and this could be caused by shots fired from a gun.

Relying on this report, the trial court refused to admit the argument of the defence that the hole had been made by the investigator using a charred piece of coal just to establish the story of poaching and frame Salman in the case.

The defence counsel had argued in the court that such a hole could be made using burnt coal but failed to establish the same, leading the court to conclude that it was gun shot.

The defence had also argued the pellets recovered from Salman did not corroborate the story of the prosecution.

The first post-mortem report had ruled out the gunshot injury and the defence stuck to this report.

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