3 Prabhu mantras for Railways - borrowing, PPP, asset monetisation

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 27, 2015 09:59 hrs

To drive Indian Railways out of its "troubles", Union Minister Suresh Prabhu today prescribed market borrowings, public-private partnerships and monetising assets to garner Rs 8.5 lakh crore worth resources over the next five years, even as he ruled out "privatisation".

Prabhu asserted he did not go for hike in passenger fares or using taxpayers' money for development of projects. He also dismissed apprehensions that freight rate increase would have any major impact on prices of essential items.

Prabhu, who did not announce any new trains during the Budget unlike his immediate predecessors, said fall in diesel prices was one of the major reasons for sparing passengers from any hike.

During his maiden Budget speech and various interactions thereafter throughout the day, including a 'talkathon' that was telecast live on YouTube while fielding questions on Twitter, the Minister said Railways will monetise its assets, rather than selling them.

He expressed confidence that institutions like LIC from India and sovereign funds from abroad would provide long-term debt without insisting on early repayment of loan.

"Loan is way forward (infrastructure) development. Countries like US, China and Europe have taken loans for development of their infrastructure," he said in an interview to Lok Sabha TV.

Asked whether the government is going in for privatisation of railways in future, he explained: "We are taking debt for development of railways infrastructure, that means we are not doing privatisation. Besides there will be no burden of development on passenger fare as well as tax payers money."

Acknowledging that Railways is in "trouble", he said public-private-partnership policy must change to attract investment for capacity building.

"Honestly, I am telling you Railways is in trouble and we have to find a solution which is completely suitable to Railways. We cannot find a political solution to economic problems. Railways problem is that we need to create capacity, that is the only way," he said at a press conference organised by CII.

"Many of the PPPs have not evinced interest. That has happened for a simple reason that the PPP policy that we have in place is not right. There is no regulatory system in place that whenever there is any dispute between the Railways and the private party it cannot get addressed properly," he said. MORE

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