30 rules to keep bank accounts safe from fraudsters!

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 14, 2012 11:30 hrs

Banks have warned customers to follow 30 rules to keep their accounts safe from crooks or risk being left out of pocket.

Many banks in London are imposing sneaky terms and conditions to allow them to block compensation to innocent victims of chip-and-pin or Internet fraud.

The new rules include demanding customers destroy statements and receipts, ensure no one stands near them at cash machines, and check strangers can't overhear phone conversations to the bank.

According to the Daily Mail, anyone who fails to follow this rule and loses money to fraudsters could be judged to have acted recklessly and risks being denied a pay-out.

Follow these rules or lose your money:

Shred all of your receipts and bank statements.

If someone calls saying they are from your bank, don't give away details - call them back.

Do not use the same Pin for more than one card.

Never let your computer record passwords.

Lock your mobile if you use it for banking.

Check no one can overhear phone calls to your bank.

Don't use dates or numbers that are easy to guess for Pins.

Never click on a link to a website if you get an email supposedly from your bank.

Check if you are being watched when you do your banking at an internet cafe.

Download virus software - and keep it updated.

Do not use an analogue cordless phone if you have to give your bank details. (ANI)

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