82% Delhi-NCR vehicles unfit for travelling

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 09, 2013 13:53 hrs

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IBNS) Nearly 82% of the public transport vehicles in the Delhi-NCR, commuting without "fitness certificate" much to the concerns and negligence of the authorities, revealed an ASSOCHAM survey conducted under its Social Development Foundation (SDF).

The following statistics showed majority of the drivers in the city do not have a valid driving license (VDL) and most of them experienced in during school buses, cabs, tempos, cars, three wheelers and two wheelers.

According to ASSOCHAM survey on "Delhi-NCR drivers violate the traffic norms", fitness certificate which is issued to public transport vehicles are below the standard.

Releasing the ASSOCHAM survey undertaken by the chamber in the month of December 2012 in order to check the safety norms stipulated in the city roads like ring road, outer ring road, arterial roads and all major points in Delhi-NCR, the survey showed increasingly the traffic norms are violated every day in the national capital.

About half of the respondents were in the age bracket of 25-29 years, followed by 30-39 years (25 per cent), 40-49 years (15 per cent), 50-59 years (10 per cent). A total of 2,000 vehicles were checked as part of the drive.

The survey further highlighted that 55% of drivers are below the age of 18 years, running vehicles including cabs and wagons on route. The survey points out the revelation that about 46 per cent of drivers in the city are minors grossly violating traffic norms that lead to crimes, chaos and fatal accidents.

The survey noted that 85% of the drivers lacked sufficient knowledge of traffic rules and regulation and the fitness of their vehicles.

ASSOCHAM also expressed concern about the findings, and said the safety of common man is the utmost importance.

ASSOCHAM has suggested the Delhi Traffic Police to centralize database of vehicle registration and "smart card based" driving licenses in Delhi-NCR for tracing the ownership of a vehicle involved in an act of crime and to eliminate malpractices.

In Delhi-NCR, approximately 15-18 lakhs licenses are issued every year. Therefore, it is imperative to have a robust, efficient and reliable system, said the survey.

While releasing the ASSOCHAM survey its Secretary General D S Rawat said that it is estimated that 82 per cent of commercial vehicles on the roads either did not have fitness certificates, or obtained them `through fraudulent means'.

"On Delhi's roads, private buses (75%) are least concern and respectful to the traffic norms followed by cabs (69%), three-wheelers (51%), heavy vehicles (48%) and two-wheelers (28%)", said Rawat.

Rawat said drunk driving, drinking and loitering, driving with tinted glass and other unlawful activities should be dealt firmly and all public transport should install GPS device for their close monitoring.

The survey pointed out that private vehicles violate traffic norms most by using of mobile phones, driving by minor, violating speed limit, driving without licenses, registration certificate, pollution certificate, jumping signals, drunken driving and drivers not carrying fitness certificate while driving.
Rawat said: "Enforcement alone is not the solution, the proper awareness and entire road culture has to be changed and correct traffic engineering measures needs to be in place."

Rawat further said traffic personnel should give immediate attention to the following and take effective steps to enforce discipline in regard driving without valid licence, driving under the influence of liquor/drugs, driving while talking on the mobile, driving without helmet, overloading of passengers in autos/share autos etc.

Also there should be functional installed CCTV cameras at all vulnerable points to be determined by an expert committee to curb traffic violations, he said.

There should be a vigorous campaign on the electronic media, radio and print to create awareness among the general public of the imperative necessity to strictly follow traffic rules as well as highlight the consequences of rash and negligent driving, added the survey.

Road traffic violations (RTV) occur in Delhi-NCR

. Number of vehicles without fitness certificates 82%

. Number of vehicles without registration certificates 78%

. Number of vehicles without pollution certificates 79%

. Driving under influence of Alcohol / Drugs 52%

. Driving without valid licenses 76%

. Driving by Minor 55%

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