Amazing pics show sun 'winking' to let us know Doomsday was a fallacy

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 06:50 hrs

With the World escaping Doomsday December 21 unscathed, NASA engineers who took a photo of the sun were stunned to find that it appeared to be winking at them.

The image, which actually reveals sunspots caused by intense magnetic activity, was taken on December 22, just a few minutes after the Mayan doomsday prophecy proved to be wrong, the Daily Mail reported.

Taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, the image has echoes of the famous image from the 1902 French film 'A Trip To The Moon', which is regarded as the first science fiction movie.

The mesmerising pictures, which were taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Satellite or SDO, show the energy thrown off by the sun in wavelengths invisible to the human eye such as X-rays and ultraviolet light. (ANI)

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