Angela Merkel's office rug was part of collection looted by Hitler's deputy Goering

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 29, 2013 05:40 hrs

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be furious after her office rug was found to be part of a collection of treasures looted by Hitler's deputy Hermann Goering.

The rug was discovered by journalists writing for news magazine Der Spiegel about Nazi items that should have been returned to their owners, but are still scattered about in government guest houses, offices and museums.

Merkel is said to be furious with her aides at the embarrassing revelation, the Daily Mail reports.

The 'Collection Goering' as the Reichmarshall's loot was known, encompassed paintings, tapestries, jewellery, hunting ornaments, altarpieces - and rugs.

It is understood the rug will be removed from view by the end of the week.

According to the report, the magazine said it is one of more than 600 objects that were amassed by Luftwaffe commander Goering and others during the Second World War and are still used by the government.

The former state minister for culture Michael Naumann has now urged the government to return the Nazi looted items to their rightful owners or their heirs, the report said.

It is, however, unclear how another Goering carpet ended up in the chancellor's office in Berlin.

The West German government in 1966 declared the task of reuniting owners with their stolen property to be 'concluded'.

The research also featured a photograph of a platinum watch Hitler gave his mistress Eva Braun in 1939 on her 27th birthday engraved on the back: 'On the 6.2.1939. Sincerely, A. Hitler.'

It was found in a Munich museum by the magazine's researchers.

Other possessions of Goering were discovered in Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne museum.

The collection included platinum and gold cufflinks, a ring with diamonds as well as a golden cup for champagne.

While there were many thieves in the Third Reich, Goering was the biggest magpie and amassed about 2,000 pieces, the report added. (ANI)

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