Angry Air India pilot draws ire from bosses for jibes in rap video

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 08:20 hrs

An Air India pilot was so frustrated with the company that he turned his anger in an expletive-riddled rap and uploaded it on YouTube.

The pilot, who complained about poor pay, ageing female flight attendants and cancelled flights in the video, has found himself in hot water with his bosses.

The video, called Air India Rap, has become a viral hit since it was posted on You Tube last week clocking up 55,000 views to date,,nz reports.

The rap begins with the pilot hearing his flight has been cancelled before a hip hop backing track starts.

'Dear friends and fellow pilots, the following content is not meant to harm anyone's feelings for the company. I love Air India and am very thankful to ICPA for making every effort to get us out of the mess we are now in,' the rap starts with a disclaimer.

He goes on to sing about a number of issues with the airline, including not being paid, working with older staff and the union not standing up for the pilots.

Later, he discusses some of his older colleagues.

He sings 'people work here for a lifetime they never retire. See old faces everyday gets ma ass on fire, adding 'how do I fly with woman in sixties, they call them air hostesses we call them aunties'.

Later, he finishes the rap on a more conciliatory note, saying: "I work with Air India as you know. I love ma company, there is nowhere else I go."

The pilot's bosses have been left unimpressed by the musical offering.

G.P. Rao, a spokesman for the airline, told an international news agency that they were looking into the issue, and the management will decide how to go about it.

State-run Air India is the country's fourth-largest airline and has been plagued by crushing debts.

The airline had also suffered from the impact of rising fuel prices and fierce competition. (ANI)

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