Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee' claims arrested man was 'body double'

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 04, 2012 10:00 hrs

Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee, who was wanted by authorities in Belize for his neighbour's murder, has claimed that he escaped the country by using an elaborate plan involving a body double.

In the latest twist, McAfee claimed that he is 'safe', but 'not quite out of the woods yet'.

"We are not in Belize, but not quite out of the woods yet," he wrote.

He made the revelation on his official blog, a day after the same website said he had been captured, the Age reports.

McAfee then claimed that the capture on the border of Belize and Mexico was of a "double".

"My 'double', carrying a North Korean passport under my name, was in fact detained in Mexico for pre-planned misbehaviour, but due to indifference on the part of authorities was evicted from the jail and was unable to serve his intended purpose in our exit plan. He is now safely out of Mexico," he added.

McAfee, 67, has been on the run since his neighbour, the American businessman Gregory Viant Faull, was shot dead last month.

Police in Belize, where the murder took place, has said that McAfee is not a suspect, but he believes he will be 'summarily executed' if he surrenders, the report said.

During his time on the run McAfee said that he has been accompanied by a 20-year-old woman called Samantha, whom he described as his 'eyes and ears in the outside world'.

He said she was the reason he decided to escape from Belize.

"I left Belize because of a series of events which led both Sam and I to believe that she was in danger of capture," he explained. (ANI)

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