Boys born in 2015 three times likelier to have prostate cancer than those born in 1990

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 23, 2013 05:20 hrs

Boys born in 2015 will have a 14 percent chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer - three times higher than those born 25 years ago, a report has warned.

According to Cancer Research UK, the lifetime risk of getting the disease will rise from 5 percent for lads born in 1990 to 14ercent for boys born 25 years later, the Mirror reported.

This may be because of more use of the Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA) and also because more men are living to an older age, when the disease is most likely to develop.

PSA tests detect lots of different types of the disease, including some that are not life-threatening, as well as the aggressive forms of the disease.

But the test does not distinguish between the two.

Cancer Research UK's prostate cancer expert Prof Malcolm Mason said they are detecting more cases of prostate cancer than ever before. (ANI)

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