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Brazil judge urges fine for mayor who rode donkey

Source : AP
Last Updated: Thu, Jan 03, 2013 16:30 hrs

A Brazilian judge is urging prosecutors to fine a small-town mayor who rode a donkey to his inauguration to needle an opponent who allegedly referred to him as a "burro" in a debate.

Judge Luciane Glesse says that Passa Sete Mayor Vaderlei Batista should be fined $250 for ignoring a restraining order barring any further donkey business from local politics following the October elections.

Batista says his campaign rival referred to him as a donkey in a debate, and he responded with offensive phrases that likened the opposition party to a donkey. That prompted the rival candidate to seek a court order against such satires.

Batista says that he promised voters to ride a donkey to this week's inauguration.

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