'Chagrined' Romney caught on camera pumping car gas near California home

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 10:50 hrs

Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was photographed looking chagrined with mussed hair, as he fueled his SUV at a gas station near his home in California.

Romney's 'salt-and-pepper coif', always perfectly trimmed when he was trying to oust President Barack Obama from the White House, was mussed and falling over his forehead.

The grainy nighttime photo posted on the website Reddit showed Romney wearing a rumpled button-down shirt and dark pants, and looking slightly chagrined as he stood alongside his car and waited for the gas-guzzler's tank to fill.

"Mitt Romney at my local gas station ... he looks tired and washed up," the Reddit user who posted the pic, mkb95, wrote.

According to the New York Daily News, the amateur paparazzo who took the photo chatted with Romney, and managed to get him to open up a bit about what he was doing in California.

"I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank. I guess he's moving to one of his houses in the town I live in, La Jolla," mkb95 wrote.

Romney has been finding it difficult to return to civilian life following his crushing Election Night loss to Obama. (ANI)

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