Characters real hero of films: Director Sunil Kumar

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 29, 2013 11:50 hrs

Chennai, Aug 29 (IANS) Known for Telugu films such as "Sontha Ooru" and "Oka Romantic Crime Katha", director Sunil Kumar Reddy always prefers working with new and not so popular faces because he believes in moving audiences with his characters.

"You don't see an actor in a film but the character he or she is enacting. I always believe that the real hero of a film is the character," Reddy told IANS.

"I like to move audiences with my characters but not by using a popular face of a hero. The purpose of a character is killed when it's merely traded for a popular face.

"Only when a film has strong characters, can audiences take back home the memories of living with that character for a few hours," he added.

Reddy, who is currently working on his new film "Waiting for You" about pre-marital pregnancy, has roped in a new face for the lead role.

"The story is inspired by events. I met a girl recently who narrated this story about issues dealing with pre-marital pregnancy and the moral policing one faces from society. It's a story that calls for performance but not for popularity of a star," he said.

However, Reddy is not against casting popular actors, if needed.

"I don't have a rule to not work with stars. I will when I have to work with a popular actor. I will wait and find a suitable actor if ever I need to work with one," he added.

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