Colorado University releases thousands of mails related to 'Dark Knight' killer

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 06, 2012 06:40 hrs

The University of Colorado at Denver has released thousands of e-mails which reveal James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises', may have once had a romantic relationship with a fellow graduate student.

Over 3,800 e-mails that were sent or received by Holmes or mentioned his name in the text also suggested that Batman obsessed shooter possibly had two badges for the campus at the time of the attack.

One e-mail sent about 11 hours after the shooting said Holmes may have been involved for a short time with a student in a professor's program, CNN reports.

"She, fortunately, it turns out is in India right now. She knows, and is pretty freaked out," an e-mail from the professor said.

According to the report, an e-mail sent in July on the day of the shootings within the school's information technology department acknowledged that Holmes still had an active computer account at the time, and two badges for the campus.

Hundreds of the e-mails released were redacted by the school, citing privacy laws.

Many of the ones that weren't were sent between university officials in the aftermath of the killings, including one sent about seven hours later with the subject line "Horrible News," the report said. (ANI)

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