Compatibility vital for lasting relations

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 12:10 hrs

New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) Before establishing a new romantic relationship, it would be ideal to check your potential partner's interests and hobbies. If you share similar interests and opinions, it will help in making the relationship will work, new research says.

In the study, conducted by online dating site, a majority of the respondents said that if they didn't have a single shared interest when they went on a first date with someone, they wouldn't go on a second date.

One third of people said that they would look for someone with the same interests, reports

However, even if having common interests are important, 89 percent of people said that compromise is also key to make a relationship work.

"No one wasn't to date a carbon copy of themselves, but a shared hobby, or shared views can go a long way towards a long and happy relationship," said Sean Wood, Communications Director at Cupid Plc.

The study also indicates that partners must talk to each other about their future together.

Also, two third of the women respondents said that a relationship wouldn't work if they had different feelings about starting a family. The men weren't far behind in backing this opinion as 49 percent of the male respondents agreed with the women.

Also those who were surveyed said that although looks and appearance can be important, it alone won't make a relationship work.

Four in ten people said that having different careers also affect relationships. Surprisingly, more men than women said they would struggle if they lead a different career path to their partner.

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