Cyber attacks in Israel and Gaza 'increased' following ceasefire deal: Report

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 06, 2012 08:30 hrs

Cyber attacks in Israel and Gaza have increased after ceasefire deal was reached between the two nations, a report has said.

Cyberattacks were part of the recent deadly bombing campaign between Israel and Gaza from the beginning, as hackers aligned with both sides targeted the opposition's websites and servers.

According to Mashable, Cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, however, noticed something interesting when a cease-fire was declared: the fighting's focus moved from the physical space into the digital arena.

"That was really fascinating, when you had a cease-fire in the physical world it actually translated into fighting in the cyber world," the report quoted CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince, as saying.

"If I were speculating, these conflicts go through different phases, and in this phase you're stopping trying to blow people up, and now you're trying to win public opinion," he said.

"And those tools mean you want to get your message out about whatever it is the public should be hearing about, and you want to not let the other side get its message out," he added.

According to the report Prince described it as a 'shift from a war of bullets to a war of ideas.'

"So it shifts from a war of bullets to a war of ideas, and the offensive weapon in a war of ideas these days is a denial of service attack," he said. (ANI)

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