Duchess Kate's choice of pram, toys and name likely to set global trends

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2012 09:40 hrs

Duchess Kate's pregnancy, which is sure to be the most scrutinised and most photographed pregnancy the world has ever seen, is certain to prove to be a trend-setting one - analysed and imitated across the globe, it has been claimed.

Her bump itself will supposedly become the focus of attention for a gawping world as people look for scintillas of cheer among stories of economic austerity and international sabre-rattling.

Indeed, the little prince or princess will have considerable influence even before they take their first breath in the land over which they'll one day reign, the Daily Mail reported.

When Kate married into the Royal Family, she accepted that her every move would be forensically watched, and as such she will doubtlessly be cast in the leading role as Queen of the Yummy Mummies.

The Duchess can therefore hardly resort to the occasional slummy day like most mothers-to-be - wearing a 'tent-dress' to cover a growing tummy, or pulling on a size 14 jumper over maternity jeans.

In any case, the figure of the naturally svelte 30-year-old will for some months be considerably slimmer than the average woman's, so she won't have to wear maternity clothes for a good while.

When she does want to adapt her wardrobe, she can conveniently turn to Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen - her wedding dress designer who is due to have a baby in February. If anyone can make fashionable coats and dresses with a tactfully high waistline, it is her.

Once the birthing suite has been chosen and Kate has a few months on her hands, there will be plenty of other choices to make concerning the care of the newest heir to the throne.

The royal nursery at Apartment 1A, Kensington Palace, is probably being refurbished at this moment - overseen by Kate.

Then there is the question of a Christian name and several middle names for the future monarch. The chosen moniker will spawn endless imitators, while the Christening will be a national event.

In the meantime, there will be no more desirable product placement than on this celebrity royal baby.

By Royal Appointment or not, firms will be queueing up to send their cashmere outfits, sheepskin-lined papooses and eco-friendly baby bottles to Kensington Palace, in the hope they may be photographed with the royal tot - sparking a sell-out in the process.

One of the defining issues for the Duke and Duchess will be where to send Junior to school. West London mothers will be talking of little else for years to come - local applications will spike on the merest rumour.

Nurseries and schools will be deciding whether to gently suggest a visit or to wait for the Palace to call.

Then, after two years in a gingham smock, infant Wales will have a choice of prep schools to scoot to. (ANI)

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