Egyptian students arrested for doing Harlem Shake in undies

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 24, 2013 09:10 hrs

Four Egyptian students were arrested in Cairo after filming themselves doing the wildly popular Harlem shake in their underwear.

Police spotted the semi-naked students doing public pelvic thrusts in a middle-class Cairo neighbourhood. An angry crowd tried to stop the students doing erratic dance moves, reports the New York Daily News.

According to an official, due to Egypt's strict public indecency laws, the group is accused of committing a "scandalous act".

A larger team of youth, along with one meandering camel, managed to film all 30-seconds of the dance, despite being harassed by police throughout the shoot.

The video starts with a lone dancer in the middle of the frame, dancing this time in front of the iconic Giza pyramids. His friend walks by behind him, leading a camel and yawning at the normalcy of it all. But when the beat drops, the video explodes into a crazy mess of costumed, gyrating young people.

A half-naked man shows up in this video too, in his white undies, gold hat and black bowtie.

The Daily Beast traced the viral dance craze back to a YouTube video posted by a group of Australian teenagers on February 2. The original video has been viewed almost 16 million times. (ANI)

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