'Emotional' Obama invokes 'absent fathers' card to pitch for tougher gun control laws

Last Updated: Sat, Feb 16, 2013 08:50 hrs

US President Barack Obama has said the absence of fathers, particularly in the African-American community, is one of the root causes of an epidemic of gun violence that has plagued cities across the country, adding he wished he had a father too while pitching for tougher laws to control rampant gun violence.

Obama punctuated a week spent promoting his economic agenda with an emotional appeal on the impact of guns, ABC News reports.

Speaking at a Hyde Park high school, the last stop on his post-State of the Union tour, Obama said absent fathers and broken marriages are one of the contributing factors in cases of youth poverty, violence and crime, adding one of the solutions is strengthening parental role models, the paper said.

In his hometown Chicago, more than 500 were shot and killed last year, making it the epicenter of a national problem.

Obama said there is no more important ingredient for success, nothing that would be more important for us reducing violence than strong, stable families, which means we should do more to promote marriage and encourage fatherhood.

Obama urged people to not get him wrong, adding as the son of a single mom who gave everything, her mother had to raise him with the help of his grandparents and he turned out ok," he continued.

Obama added at the same time he wished he had had a father who was around and involved.

While Obama called for an up or down vote on his gun control plan, he said cities like Chicago demonstrate that the roots of the problem run deeper and require solutions that no single law can provide. (ANI)

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