Experts concerned over growing no of parents creating Facebook profiles of 'unborn kids'

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 11:20 hrs

Social media experts have expressed concerns over the increasing number of parents maintaining Facebook pages for their children from as early as conception.

Parents are now creating accounts and assuming the identities of their foetus or newborn to update statuses in baby-speak at each "milestone" from the first trimester onwards.

While it is against Facebook's terms and conditions for children under 13 to have an account, parents are circumventing the age requirement by falsifying their children's date of birth.

Experts, however, warned that while parents were well-meaning, they could be doing irreversible damage to their child's reputation.

Lecturer in internet studies at Curtin University, Tama Leaver said setting up Facebook pages for foetuses was "a really odd thing for parents to be doing".

According to the report he pointed out that 'think there's a basic literacy missing where parents need to think about social media and your unborn child.'

Dr Leaver also said that information posted online was endlessly replicated and was virtually impossible to erase by the time the child was old enough to be aware of it.

She said that the information could be 'cute and endearing' when kida are young, but it get embarrassing when they grow up. (ANI)

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