F-35 stealth fighter set to replace frontline aircrafts with 'high invisibility rates'

Last Updated: Fri, May 03, 2013 12:20 hrs

The U.S. Marine Corps have designed the future jet named F-35 Lighting II that will enable to attack a target in the enemy space with precision weapons at long ranges while in the air, not being detected in the process.

F-35 Lighting II is a fifth generation stealth fighter that will safely penetrate areas without being spotted by the enemy radar due to its enhanced 'invisibility' rate which the fourt generation jets failed to achieve, the Fox News reports.

Last month, the stealth fighter also had its first short takeoff and vertical landing at night, enabling a better understanding of the fighter's special helmet and lighting in operations at night.

According to the report, the F-35 development has been under the scanner since its very launch, where it was claimed that the fighter will not be able to fly near thunderstorms or risk the jet's fuel tank exploding.

The report stated that F-35 fighter pilot is enabled with the power to be virtually invisible to enemy aircraft, giving the pilot the advantage of 'seeing' the other aircraft and taking action first.

The shape is designed without specific angles, to give it 'lower radar cross-section', thus reducing radar wave reflection. Innovations such as reduced heat emissions and embedded antennas further enhance its stealth.

The report further said that the F-35 is expected to be faster with a far greater range than previous aircrafts with a maximum speed of 1,300 miles per hour (mph) and a range of 1,450 miles, adding that the aircraft could be used for invisible surveillance and reconnaissance and sharing the information with forces at sea and on the ground.

The pilots' helmets are laser-scanned which display information inside the visor that the pilot needs, also allowing them to see 360 degrees. The fighter plane has a glass screen digital instrument inside the cockpit that is touch screen and has features of speech recognition.

The Department of Defense's Joint Strike Fighter Program has funded the F-35 program to create an affordable next generation strike aircraft weapon system for the Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Three different variants of the stealthy jet have been introduced which can be used at both the ground and sky levels to dominate over enemy spaces, the report added. (ANI)

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