FBI agent who began Petraeus probe and sent shirtless photo to Jill Kelley named

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 15, 2012 09:30 hrs

The FBI agent who initially started the investigation that ensnared former CIA Director David Petraeus, but was ordered to stay away from the case because of his alleged infatuation with a woman who prompted the inquiry, has been identified as a veteran terrorism investigator, Frederick W Humphries II.

The New York Times revealed the agent's name and reported that his colleagues described him as having 'conservative political views and a reputation for aggressiveness'.

Before his name was made public, Humphries had been dubbed 'Agent Shirtless' after it was revealed that he once sent a topless picture of himself to Jill Kelley.

Kelley had complaint to Humphries about receiving harassing emails from Petraeus's mistress, Paula Broadwell, who was also his biographer, set the investigation in motion that forced the CIA director from office.

According to the Guardian, Humphries, a former military intelligence officer in the US army, is himself under internal investigation.

The FBI ordered him to stay away from the Petraeus case because of his close ties to Kelley.

"Fred is a passionate kind of guy," a former colleague said, adding; "He's kind of an obsessive type. If he locked his teeth on to something he'd be a bulldog."

Lawrence Berger, general counsel for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, spoke to Humphries and then told the New York Times that he sent a shirtless picture of himself to Kelley in jest and that it was not sexual, the report said.

"That picture was sent years before Ms Kelley contacted him about this, and it was sent as part of a larger context of what I would call social relations in which the families would exchange numerous photos of each other," Berger said.

Humphries has been involved in a number of terrorism investigations including one involving Abu Hamza al-Masri who was extradited from Britain to the US in October on charges of involvement with al-Qaida and planning to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon, the report added. (ANI)

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