Fan feedbacks on Twitter and Facebook helping rewrite TV shows

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 07:40 hrs

The next time you post a tweet or make a comment on Facebook about your favourite TV show, beware as you may just be helping to rewrite it.

Twitter and Facebook feedback from fans is beginning to shape Australia's favourite television shows, as networks, production studios and screenwriters monitor social media chatter to determine viewers' likes and dislikes, the Courier Mail reported.

Channel 10 reality drama 'Bondi Rescue', which returns to screens, has been completely reworked this year as a direct result of social media feedback, ditching its documentary-style voiceover and changing the story lines after an analysis of fan usage of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

"We have looked at the analytics of various social media channels and we now know what people like and don't like about the show," Nick Murray, CEO of production company Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder said.

Channel 9 reality singing competition 'The Voice' is also directly shaped by social media feedback, with Twitter and Facebook discussions monitored live during broadcast and fed to producers in real time.

Reality shows aren't the only ones reacting to real-time feedback, traditional dramas are also evolving as critics and fans find a bigger voice online.

Playmaker Media director David Taylor said social media plays a huge role in the ongoing development of its Channel 9 drama 'House Husbands', with show creators regularly monitoring Facebook and Twitter discussions to ensure the show is hitting the right emotional targets. (ANI)

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