Father against daughter-in-law: Sorting the lies from the truth

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 18:04 hrs

​When two sides tell two opposite stories, it often become difficult to ascertain which side can be believed. For such situations, a lie-detector test often proves to be the lynchpin in settling the matter.

One such case brought before the Truth Labs involves the family of a rich Mumbai-based industrialist.

This aged industrialist had a small family, consisting of his wife, his only son and his daughter-in-law.

A major concern hounding in the family was the child-less nature of the son's marriage. The couple had been together for close to fifteen years.  

As a businessperson this was of deep concern to the patriarch, as there was no progeny to inherit the several industries the family owned in and around the city.

During one of the daily family dinners, the idea of trying the IVF method to have children was considered. It is around this time that the story enters a new angle.

Allegedly the industrialist suggested to the daughter-in-law that they should not depend on methods like the IVF which may or may not work.

Instead, the industrialist felt that they should try a more sure-fire method. I.e. the daughter-in-law should sleep with the industrialist, just for the time being, until she becomes pregnant.

The son, of course, would be kept in the dark regarding these activities.

The daughter-in-law turned the offer down at the time. However, the industrialist kept up the pressure, repeatedly asking his daughter-in-law to consider the idea.

One evening the son noticed his father leaving his bedroom. Wondering what his father wanted, the son questioned his wife. At this point, the wife broke down and revealed the industrialist’s suggestion to her husband.  

The news must have come as a shock to the son. However, he also began to harbour doubts that perhaps, unlike what his wife claimed, the affair was not his father's idea but a scheme by his wife to acquire the vast properties that the family owned.

The industrialist and his wife also blamed the daughter-in-law, accusing her of wooing the industrialist to grab the family property. The situation soon got worse and the family spent many months in bitter dispute and in-fighting.

The case was referred to the Truth Labs at this stage.

The Labs decided to conduct several lie-detector tests to sort of the truth from the lies. A lie-detector test, known more formally as a Polygraph test, works on the assumption that human beings display certain physiological changes when they answer questions.

By measuring these changes, combined with the right kind of questions and other techniques, a reasonable estimation can be made whether the person is under stress or hiding the truth.

While this is not considered a completely scientific or accurate form for detecting lies, it is however a helpful indicator and used by police agencies around the world.

The lie detector tests conducted on the young daughter-in-law clearly revealed that although her father-in-law did enter into her bedroom, she neither took any initiative nor showed any willingness to have a sexual relationship with her father-in-law.

The tests also revealed that her father-in-law had indeed made several advances on his daughter-in-law, with the excuse that his son may be infertile so it was the best way to ensure some children.

When confronted by the family with the lie-detector test results from Truth Labs, the industrialist confessed.

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