Four bills passed on last day of Budget session in Tamil Nadu

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 20, 2014 16:00 hrs

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Assembly passed four bills on the last day of the budget session today, including one to amend the state Legislature (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1967.

To avoid frequent amendments to Tamil Nadu Act 3 of 1967 to exclude various positions in certain offices of profit under the government, when they are elected to the state Legislature, an omnibus clause was incorporated in the Act to exempt holders of such offices, for which no renumeration is paid, except compensatory allowance.

Tamil Nadu Legislature (Prevention of Disqualification) Act,1967 was enacted to declare that certain offices of profit under the government shall not disqualify holders from being chosen as, or being members of the State Legislature.

Another amendment in Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Act, 1989 enables the Chancellor to have a better say on the appointment of the Vice Chancellor.

The amendment was effected as there is no provision in the Act enabling the Chancellor not to approve any of the persons recommended by the committee and to nominate one member in the committee.

Acts of other universities have such a provision and the amendment made was to bring uniformity.

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University Act, 2012 was amended to ensure smooth functioning of the institution, as certain practical difficulties were experienced while implementing the Act, which came to force on June 19, 2012.

Another amendment to the Land Acquisition Bill allowed government to retain the three existing Acts in the state for land acquisition, along with the new Central Act, 2013.

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