'Guest' doesn't arouse interest (Tamil Music Review)

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 11:00 hrs

Film: "Guest"; Music Director: Raj−Kakani; Lyricists: Karunaa, Kadhar Shaa and Raja Karthic; Singers: Ranina Reddy, Dhinakar, Vinitha Narayan, Harish Kalyan and Priya Darshini; Rating: *1/2

"Guest", which has music by debutant Raj−Kakani, has moments of brilliance, but fails miserably as an album which could be called impressive. The album has four songs featuring the voices of Ranina Reddy, Dhinakar, Vinitha Narayan, Harish Kalyan and Priya Darshini.

Ranina Reddy impresses with her distinct vocals in the song "Sikki kolla vayenda", which has a brooding feel that plays throughout the song. Western orchestration dominates the lyrics through a portion of the song, while a good mix of strings play through the other portion.

The second track, "Ennachu enakku", is a soulful duet by Vinitha Narayan and Dhinakar. It turns superficial because lyrics from other languages such as English and Telugu are sporadically used throughout the song. Raj uses a variety of Indian classical instruments such as tabla and flute to maintain the peppiness in the song, while the use of strings turns little repetitive after a point of time.

Chorus by children lighten up the song "Koodaiyil poolikinra", which is crooned by Harish Kalyan. The beautiful concoction of melodies makes this track one of the best songs in the album, but sadly the overall output falls short of satisfaction. The mix of flute and strings partly works in favour of the song because most of the times it sounds distorted.

"Ya ya ya honeyaana" by Priya Darshini follows a mellow rhythmic beat with hardly any noteworthy musical experimentation. The flirtatious lyrics mixed with dreary pad beats and strings make this song boring. Although Priya's vocal sounds impressive, the song doesn't have a catchy tune.

With sparks of brilliance, "Guest" soundtrack doesn't arouse interest.

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