Hillary Clinton biopic 'Hollywood's most buzzed about script'

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 04, 2013 09:50 hrs

One of the hottest political screenplays in Hollywood is about the outgoing secretary of state by a 39-year-old newcomer writer from South Korea, it has been revealed.

Dubbed 'Rodham', Young Il Kim's screenplay follows a 20-something Hillary Rodham as she's trying to decide between her career and boyfriend.

Her job is that of the youngest attorney on the House Judiciary Committee working to impeach President Richard Nixon, and her boyfriend is Bill Clinton, who was trying to launch his political career in Arkansas.

According to Kim, there is incredible irony because she worked on the impeachment process that was used against her husband, referring to Clinton's impeachment scandal involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Politico reported.

However, there is also the journey of a woman who was torn between her personal desires and her professional ambition - both literally pulled her thousands of miles apart, because Bill did not want to leave Arkansas, and she did not want to leave Washington, D.C.

This isn't a history book. It's Hollywood. And just last month, the script came in at No. 4 on Hollywood's all-important Black List, an annual poll of nearly 300 film executives about their favorite scripts. Films that have made the list in the past: "The Social Network," "Juno" and "The King's Speech," among others.

Kim said he wrote the film in four months while in and out of New Jersey coffee shops, based off research from dozens of Clinton books.

Hollywood veteran Richard Arlook sent the query letter to his executive Jason Hong, who read the script and urged Arlook to do the same.

Arlook read it while in Atlanta visiting his father, who had recently retired after 50 years of working for the government. (ANI)

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