Hole in One? Prove it!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 17:35 hrs

A 'Hole-In-One' golf tournament was conducted at a national level across the country in three major golf courses recently.

The winner would take home a brand new Mercedes Benz car.

After the competition, an objection was raised. Some felt that that the winner did not possess the skills to put the ball straight into the hole in one go.

The winner was accused of manipulating the ball through some undetected means to win the contest.

The only evidence available to resolve the issue was the video tape of the event.

The tape was sent to Truth Labs where they were asked to verify if any foul play could be proven.

The Truth Labs conducted several video authentication tests. They used advanced video analysis softwares to analyse the video frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel.

The tape showed the ball being teed off. It then shot into the sky and disappeared from the view of the camera. The ball was then captured by the same camera after it dropped on to the green and rolled into the cup.

The in-depth study revealed that the ball had moved for a total 600 microseconds. The case was cracked by analysing various factors like distance travelled by the ball between the time it was teed-off and when it entered the hole, audio sounds of ball falling and bouncing and the time  taken for a ball to travel with a speed of 120 miles per hour.

Truth Labs felt that that the winner had indeed made the wining shot and there was no tampering of any nature. Thus vindicated, the winner honourably collected his brand-new Benz.

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