India, Germany to intensify exchange of views, experience on terrorism

Last Updated: Thu, Apr 11, 2013 23:09 hrs
India, Germany gear up for round of talks, trade and investment top agenda

Berlin: India and Germany have agreed to intensify further their exchange of views and experience on combating terrorism as well as their practical cooperation in this connection, also in the Indo-German Working Group on counter-terrorism as well as multilateral forums.

" Both sides are in favour of holding regular consultations on issues relating to international cyber policy," said a joint statement on the further development of the strategic and global partnership between Germany and India.

"In the light of new security challenges both sides are keen to intensify their security policy dialogue and exchange of views. Both sides expressed their keenness to enhance cooperation in the defence sector through dialogue and exchanges on matters of mutual interest, including in the area of defence technology collaboration," the joint statement adds.

India and Germany recognize the importance of an effective national export control systems conforming to the highest international standards. Both heads of government want the bilateral dialogue on export controls and international export control regimes to continue.

Germany welcomes the ongoing intensified dialogue between India and the various export control regimes (NSG, MTCR, AG and WA). Both sides agree to continue working together to prepare the ground for India to accede to the export control regimes as a full member and thereby strengthen the international non-proliferation regime.

Germany and India reaffirmed that they will work together for a world without nuclear weapons, for universal and non-discriminatory global nuclear disarmament and a reduced salience of nuclear weapons in international affairs and security doctrines. Both sides agreed to cooperate in strengthening global non-proliferation efforts.

They noted the contribution of initiatives such as the Hague Code of Conduct against Missile Proliferation and the Proliferation Security Initiative during the last decades and the potential for advancing them in the future.

Both sides support the IAEA's Safeguards System including the Additional Protocol as the international verification norm. They participate in the discussions on a Draft International Code of Conduct on Outer Space with a view to its adoption as an agreed document of universal adherence. Both sides agreed to hold regular consultations on disarmament and non-proliferation issues.

The two nations stressed the importance of national and international efforts to reduce risks of nuclear and radiological terrorism and reaffirmed their shared commitment to promoting the full and effective implementation of the Chemical Weapons and Biological and Toxic Weapons Conventions and coordinated efforts to promote their universalization.

Germany attaches high importance to the early entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. In this context, India reiterated its commitment for its unilateral and voluntary moratorium on nuclear explosive testing. Both sides express their full support for a multilateral, non-discriminatory and internationally and effectively verifiable treaty banning the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices and call for the commencement of negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament.

Noting the recent talks in Almaty between Iran and the E 3 + 3, both sides stressed the importance of a diplomatic resolution to the Iranian nuclear issue and urged Iran to fulfill all relevant international obligations and take the necessary steps to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme.

They condemned the North Korean nuclear test conducted on 12 February as a violation of DPRK's international commitments and call upon the DPRK to respect its international obligations as set out in several United Nations Security Council resolutions in this connection and to take urgent steps to deescalate the situation.

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