Israel's envoy to U.S. says Syria passing chemical weapons to Hezbollah would be 'red line'

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 08:37 hrs

Israel's ambassador to the United States has warned that any evidence of chemical weapons being passed from Bashar al-Assad regime to extremist groups like Hezbollah would be a 'game-changer', and be a 'red line' for Israel.

The remark comes amid claims that the Syrian regime is mixing and moving the components for the deadly sarin nerve gas.

Ambassador Michael Oren said he could not confirm those reports, but made clear that Israel is watching the situation 'very carefully'.

"Were those weapons to pass into the wrong hands-Hezbollah's hands for example-that would be a game-changer for us," he told "Fox News Sunday."

"We have a very clear red line about those chemical weapons passing into the wrong hands. Can you imagine if Hezbollah and its 70,000 rockets would get its hands on chemical weapons? That could kill thousands of people," Fox News quoted Oren, as saying.

According to the report, sources confirmed that Syria's military had mixed chemical weapons and loaded them into bombs in preparation for possible use on the Syrian people. (ANI)

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