Jumping red light comes with a 257,000-dollar fine in Saudi Arabia!

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 08:10 hrs

A Saudi driver received a fine of SR 966,500 (257,000 dollars) for jumping a red light.

Marzouq Al Rouqi, a well-known poet, received a message on his mobile informing him that he had to pay the exorbitant amount for the traffic violation, reports Gulf News.

The poet said he read the message "dozens of times" and could not believe that he was asked to pay the huge fine.

Rouqi said it could mean that the messages sent out to drivers to pay SR 500 or SR 600 for traffic violations could also be wrong. He urged the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to check the veracity of the messages.

Saudi Arabia, keen on fighting chaotic driving and road offences, has introduced Saher, an automated traffic control and management system that covers major cities in the country.

The system uses a network of digital cameras and fixed and mobile radars to automatically, without human intervention, monitor and control traffic violations. It also issues traffic violation tickets and notifies violators.

Under a new traffic law, traffic violations are doubled if lawbreakers do not pay them within one month. (ANI)

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