Karzai orders 'full Afghanization' of US-run prison at Bagram base

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 05:10 hrs

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has reportedly ordered his aides to institute the "full Afghanization" of the U.S.-run prison at Bagram air base.

Karazi gave the order after charging that American forces are continuing to detain Afghans despite a bilateral agreement in March to transfer all prisoners to Afghan authorities.

In a Pashto-language statement tweeted from the presidential palace on Sunday, Karzai complained that some prisoners ordered released by Afghan courts are still being held by U.S. forces.

"These acts are completely against the agreement that has been signed between Afghanistan and the U.S. president," the statement said.

According to the Washington Post, it said the Afghan Defense Minister, the attorney general and the national police general in charge of the Bagram prison should "take all required actions for full Afghanization of Bagram prison affairs and its complete transfer of authority to Afghans."

The statement did not specify a date or time frame for the takeover, but Afghan officials said a two-month grace period had ended for the Obama administration to find an alternative to detaining prisoners without trial, the Post said.

According to the Post, Karzai's provocative statement came shortly after Afghan and American officials began negotiating a bilateral security agreement that is intended to define the U.S. military's role in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. (ANI)

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