Kevin Rudd calls for 'urgent reforms' in own 'sick' Labour Party

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2012 11:30 hrs

Former Australian Labour Party (ALP) leader Kevin Rudd has said that the party is 'sick' and needs urgent reform.

Rudd said this while responding to a call from ALP stalwart John Faulkner calling for greater accountability and a lesser role for factions, reports

"There's something sick which needs to be healed," Rudd said, adding that power should be taken away from the "effectively unelected factional faceless men" and given to rank-and-file members.

The "closed culture" of factions impacted on everything from candidate pre-selections to appointing people to party bodies and conferences, he said.

"I think it's time for deep and fundamental reform," Rudd further said.

Senator Faulkner used a speech in Melbourne on Tuesday to reignite debate about making the party more open and accountable, in the wake of corruption allegations being heard against NSW Labor figures at an inquiry.

He said one of the problems was that power was concentrated in the hands of a few party figures.

Senator Cameron agreed with Senator Faulkner that the "factional situation" had reached a point where power had been concentrated in a few hands.

"It's led the party to decisions being made that probably shouldn't have been made," he said.

Senator Cameron admitted he had "benefited" from the factional system, but he had no problem submitting himself to the rank-and-file and neither should any other member.(ANI)

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