Maharashtra: Violence is fine, but Facebook posts are not

Last Updated: Mon, Nov 19, 2012 15:12 hrs

​The Palghar police got a complaint by some Shiv Sainiks that some girl had posted a Facebook status which questioned the bandh for Bal Thackeray on Monday when people like Bhagat Singh did not get a bandh.

Girls jailed for Thackeray comment granted bail

Did the police swing into action with that speed and motivation we are all familiar with?

Of course not.

That sort of reaction is only meant for those casual times when wild mobs of  Shiv Sainiks go on anti-Muslim, anti-Bihari, anti-Valentine's Day rampages.

This was serious dammit! Some unknown girl had expressed a random secular opinion about Bal Thackeray on her personal Facebook wall! And the post already had one 'like’ by some other girl!

Clearly this was a blatant effort to recreate the 1993 riots! Except it was worse because this time it would be against the
Shiv Sena, not incited by them! No!

Luckily for us all, the police leapt into action, charged both girls with "inciting religious violence" and sent them to jail for 14 days.

It was all over in a few hours last night.  Whew!

Let us all take a moment to applaud the speed and quick action of the police, truly a fine moment in the history of the institution.

And since the uncle of the girl, whose hospital was vandalized by the around 40 Shiv Sainiks, also filed an FIR with the same police, those Shiv Sainiks are probably going to be in jail any minute now, since the police is so prompt in arresting anyone on the mere basis of a complaint.

And it is an open and shut case after all. On the one hand you have a 21-year-old girl and her one 'like’ on Facebook. And on the other hand you have a wild gang of men thrashing a hospital.

Now violence had already reached the hospital, that there is nothing the cops could do there. They perform via the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. But this girl was possibly, vaguely "inciting violence", so that had to be stopped immediately!

While it is undoubtedly easier to obey without question the commands of a political party, aren't we all so glad that this time at least, the brave police did their job and protected the innocent and the weak.

And no doubt this moment will go down as one of those brave moments in a nation’s history.

We shall all remember the speed of the police action. The coolness with which the police took no action against a mob but took action against the victims.

And how can we ever forget the sheer awesome manliness of the cops.

Let me tell you, despite how it appears, it is not easy to go all the way to some innocent citizen's house, to knock on their door, wait until the door is opened, then arrest a non-protesting, unarmed and presumably physically weaker girl.

Then they had to repeat the entire very, very difficult exercise once again for the girl's friend. And don’t forget, after that huge ordeal, they had to also go through the enormous difficulty of dragging these two girls all the way from their home to the jail in a police jeep.

I think I can go so far as to say that this kind of bravery was exactly the spirit that our great nation’s founders had in mind when they overthrew the British and set up a people's democracy in this great land.

Now stupid and cowardly people, like you and me, might have ignored the complaint against a personal comment made by some random citizen on Facebook and questioned the vandals who just went and trashed a hospital.

We might have gone so far as to arrest the mob actually causing unrest, instead of the two unknown silent girls accused of it.

But obviously that you and me do not understand how police work is done, or the point of having a police force.

Luckily the brave policemen of Palghar, and the Shiv Sena, are here to show us the right procedure.

And those two girls, after spending the night in jail and paying bail of Rs 15,000 each to buy their freedom from the state, have undoubtedly learned their lesson and in future will never, ever incite "religious violence" again.

Henceforth they will surely leave such things to the professionals - like the Shiv Sena and the Palghar police.

Jai Maharastra!

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