New book blames low-fat food for infertility in women

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 06, 2012 11:30 hrs

Women's low-fat, highly processed diets are contributing to low fertility and poor health, a new book has claimed.

While women wanting to get pregnant have long been warned about obesity, the authors of 'Eat Fat, Be Thin' say that a low-fat diet is not the answer.

"Low-fat foods have been linked to infertility in both men and women because they don't contain the adequate nutrients," quoted the authors - TV personality Andi Lew and holistic fertility expert Dr Natalie Kringoudis - as saying in their book.

"Whole foods are always, hands-down, the best option, and you end up with a stronger immune system or become more fertile," they added.

The book suggests that women wanting to get pregnant eat a diet that includes eggs, avocados, nuts, grains and coconut. (ANI)

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