Newtown school shooter had enough weapons, ammunitions to launch small war

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 08:30 hrs

Adam Lanza, the fanatic who shot six adults and 20 kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, and his gun-loving mother had enough weapons and ammunitions in their suburban home to launch a small war.

Among the items State Police seized in Lanza's home were a bolt-action Enfield .32 caliber rifle, a Savage .22 caliber rifle, a .22 caliber pistol and well over 1,000 rounds of ammunition for a variety of weapons.

According to the New York Post, other items seized included three Samurai swords, a 6-foot, 10-inch spear, a bayonet and a deadly collection of large knives, as well as pair of 20-round 'drum magazines' for a 12-gauge shotgun.

These were in addition to the Bushmaster military-style assault weapon he used to kill 20 first-graders and six school staffers in the December 14 shooting, the report said.

Police also found a Saiga 12-gauge shotgun and two magazines loaded with a total of 70 rounds inside his car at the school, and a Glock handgun he'd used to kill himself.

They also recovered journals and drawings made by Lanza, as well as 'three photographs with images of what appears to be a deceased human covered with plastic and what appears to be blood'.

According to the report, other items found included a New York Times article from February 2008 about a school shooting at Northern Illinois University, and a holiday card from his mother containing a Bank of America cheque made out to Adam 'for the purchase of a (Firearm)'.

The search also found books, including "Look me in the Eye - My Life with Asbergers [sic]," "Born on a Blue Day, Inside the Mind of an Autistic Savant," and "The NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting."

Investigators also found a dozen knives, eye protection and ear muffs for a gun range, binoculars and Lanza's National Rifle Association certificate.

The documents, affidavits for search warrants state police obtained for Lanza's car and home, also provide chilling details in matter-of-fact language of what first responders found when they entered the school after the killings.

The redacted warrants for searches of Lanza's car and home released by the state's Judicial Branch had been sealed since December at the request of prosecutors, the report added. (ANI)

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