Now, new service that delivers your 'snail mail' like email

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 03, 2013 04:30 hrs

An Austin-based startup Outbox has no made it easy to digitize all of your physical mails and deliver them to you electronically.

The firm Outbox has turned the traditional mail you receive in your mailbox into a digital format you can read on your phones, tablets and PCs.

According to Mashable, once you sign up for Outbox, the company will visit your mailbox three times a week and collect your mail on your behalf.

Once it gets your mail, it then sorts it, scans it, and sends you digital versions that you can access from a smartphone app or a website on your computer.

According to the report, one can request the physical copy of mail they want.

Outbox will then package it and deliver it back to your mailbox within two days.

One can also opt out of mail he/she never wants to receive, such as coupons or circulars, and Outbox will put that on a "do-not-mail" list of sorts for those things, preventing them from ever seeing the person's digital inbox. (ANI)

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