Now, water tap that also dries your hands

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 04, 2012 09:50 hrs

Vacuum cleaner and Airblade hand dryer maker Dyson of Malmesbury, UK, has invented a water tap that can also dry your hands.

The idea behind the invention is to have a single faucet on your sink that contains an air blower as well as a waterspout.

The company has filed a patent for the tap last week.

In the US patent application, Dyson explains how it will work.

The unit is operated hands-free, with sensors releasing water from the underside of a spout. When you're done, another sensor recognises when you place each hand, palm open, beneath a pair of left hand (11a/b) and right hand (11c/d) ducts. Your hands are then zapped dry by warm air passed through air-blasting nozzles in the base of each duct.

"So a user can conveniently dry their hands at the sink without having to move," New Scientist quoted the patent as stating. (ANI)

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