Pakistan administered Kashmir not free at all: Choudhry

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 08:40 hrs

Kashmiri leader Dr. Shabir Choudhry has reiterated once again that Pakistan administered Kashmir is not free at all.

In an interview given to ANI here recently, Dr. Choudhry said: From every aspect, be it the economic issue, be it human rights issue, be it sovereignty or be it political aspect, it (Pakistan Kashmir) is not free. The best name for it is Pakistani-occupied Kashmir. Situation in the area is getting from bad to worse."

Referring to the recent abduction and killing of a local Kashmiri youth Mohammad Ali Murtaza, Dr. Choudhry squarely blamed the Pakistan Army for the incident.

He also claimed that Pakistan Army officials had refused to hand over Murtaza's body to his family till the latter had not acknowledged that he had been killed in firing from across the border.

He said that Murtaza's body bore signs of torture, which left his family and residents of his village very angry.

He said that people in Pakistan administered Kashmir were no longer convinced that Indian security forces were responsible for the deaths of people, whose bodies were found in rivers that flow down from the Indian side of Kashmir.

They were now more convinced about the Pakistan Army having a role to play in these deaths.

"More and more people are becoming aware about the situation. They are saying that this region is not free, but occupied. The majority, especially the young generation, clearly says that we are not free," Dr. Choudhry said.

"A Pakistani person whom I spoke to said that if an impartial plebiscite under the supervision of some international body is held in "Azad" Kashmir even at this time, the majority of people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir will not vote for Pakistan. They will vote for independence," Dr. Choudhry added.

"The system is there to serve the interest of Pakistan. We say that the government there is democratic, but all the decisions of government are taken by Pakistan," he said.

"If we talk of the Council of Kashmir, The chairman of the council is always the prime minister of Pakistan. Basically, its role is to control all matters of "Azad" Kashmir, from financial to others. The assembly or parliament of "Azad" Kashmir cannot challenge the decisions made by this council. They have to take it as they are," Dr. Choudhry claimed.

"Besides the Pakistan prime minister, the decision making team consists of few more important personalities from Pakistan like the chief secretary of Pakistan, inspector general and accountant general etc. The prime minister of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir cannot take any decision with out their will. No appointment, no meeting even no promotion can be held or done. Kashmir council makes every decision," he added. (ANI)

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