Residents of Bhont in Himachal Pradesh witness traditional buffalo fight

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 15:10 hrs

Residents of Bhont near the hill resort of Shimla thronged to see the traditional fighting of buffaloes.

The event is held to please local deities, preserve traditions and religious beliefs of the rural areas.

Villagers from far off places brought their buffaloes and provoked them to engage in duels.

The fair was organised to pay tribute to local deity Nag and Hindu god Saturn for the peace and prosperity and to preserve the century old tradition.

"This fair is a centuries old tradition and would continue in the upcoming times as well. Our elders have told us that watching buffalo fight brings good fortune. It also provides good entertainment for people. People come from far flung areas to participate in the fair," said Baldev, one of the organisers.

The buffalo fighting fair showcased the traditional religious beliefs prevailing in rural areas.

The sport of Buffalo fighting is considered to be an entertaining activity for the spectators who cheer in anticipation when the specially reared animals are brought to the ring.

Jeet Ram, a resident, said that watching fair was considered to be auspicious for women who do not have children.

"Another belief attached to the fair is that all women who do not have children are able to conceive after watching this fair," said Ram.

The locals celebrate this fair with fervour and zeal with active participation of elders as well as children.

The traditional fair is centuries old event in which two buffaloes are made to lock horns and fight for the honour of an area, till one of them is pushed out of the field. (ANI)

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