Romanians warn fellow migrants of Pakistanis, Indians in Britain

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 24, 2013 12:10 hrs

Romanians preparing to swamp Britain next year are insulting British towns and cities and making racist comments about fellow immigrants on the internet.

Many would-be settlers criticise Britain, targeting the likes of Scotland, London and Liverpool, while insisting they do not want to live near Indians, Arabs, Chinese or black people, reports

The slurs were made on a popular Romanian chat forum in a discussion about the pros and cons of relocating to Britain when border rules are relaxed on January 1 next year.

One user on Romani Online, aptly named Skis, said he and his family were keen to move to Scotland for winter sports in the Highlands but his comments took a bitter racist twist when he said they do not want cosmopolitan crowd of Indians, Arabs, Chinese, etc.

Another user, Mickyroman, said he put off a move to north London because "it is full of Pakistanis and Indians".

The comments infuriated Gerard Batten, UKIP's home affairs spokesman. He said Britain prides itself on being a welcoming and tolerant society, yet there are people wanting to come to Britain clearly not wanting to integrate within the society, based upon their prejudices.

Other members of the messageboard have embarked on a lively debate over the best areas to live, the state benefits on offer and their, at times warped, perception of British life.

Andrada, who already lives here, urged others to join her in Eastbourne, which she described as "God's waiting room", an apparent reference to its elderly population. She said it was the ideal area for employment in "nursing, the NHS and city tours".

Another described the perks of the climate on the south coast but said employment was hard to come by and claimed his community in Hastings was riddled with drug addicts.

Dorina M, who is considering moving to Salford or Manchester with her unemployed husband, inquired about where to send her 10-year-old to school. Others asked about benefits. (ANI)

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