Saudi women hit back at segregation

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 28, 2012 13:22 hrs

Manama: Women in Saudi Arabia, who refused to leave a hall where men were seated at a literary club, have defended their action as 'the right thing to do'.

A group of conservative man who wanted to attend the "Saudi Elite and Alienation Issues" lecture at the Jeddah Literary Club protested against the presence of women in the same room as men and threatened to leave if they were not moved to another room.

However, the women refused to move room and insisted on remaining in the main hall to listen to the lecture.

According to Gulf News, Dr Amira Kashgari, a club member who was at the lecture, said that what happened was not right and cannot be tolerated.

Kashgari said that they were surprised by the group of men who walked into the main hall, adding that she thought that they came in just to provoke another of their imaginary battles.

She said that the women who were at the hall are well known literary figures and intellectuals and nobody had the right to tell them to move out.

She said that the women were pained when the lecturer came over and requested them to move to another hall.

Amira said that he had no right whatsoever to make the request.

She said that the club's literary and cultural activities are open to all people without bias and discrimination, the report added.

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