Sikhs urge Obama to work to ensure religious freedom

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 08, 2012 20:56 hrs

Washington: A Sikh advocacy group in the US has asked re-elected President Barack Obama to use his second term in office to focus more on issues related to preserving religious freedom.

The Washington-based advocacy group United Sikhs called upon Obama and members of the new Congress to prioritise civil rights and liberties - issues that are crucial to all Americans.

"With a second term ahead, we urge President Obama to take leadership and encourage policymakers to focus on issues around ensuring preserving religious freedom, promoting health care access, growing our economy, and increased diversity within the Administration," it said.

"Despite challenges, Sikhs look forward to continuing to work with President Obama and his administration in the spirit of the enduring partnership to advance civil rights and liberties over the next four years," said Kuldip Singh, president of United Sikhs USA.

Obama's victory is a sign of continuation of civil rights journey and is symbolic for every oppressed in every imperialist country that began with freedom rides in the United States, said Harpreet Singh, its regional director.

"United Sikhs intends to work closely with the Obama administration in protecting the Civil and Human Rights, improve on providing increased humanitarian aid during disasters and in the field of empowerment and education to immigrant communities," she said.

The group said following 9/11 and especially in the wake of the terror attack on the Wisconsin Gurdwara, Sikh community is concerned of the increased "domestic extremism".

The general election that gave Obama his second victory has shown influence of the minority communities in the US.

According to national exit polling by the Associated Press, 74 per cent of Asian Americans voted for Obama, while 25 per cent voted for Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate.

According to another exit poll by San Francisco-based April media in key swing States, 75 per cent of the Indian Americans voted for Obama.

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