'Struggling' Indian family inconsolable over loss of son in Al Ain truck crash in UAE

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 09:30 hrs

In the worst accident in the history of the UAE, at least 22 people, including an Indian, were killed on-the-spot when a bus carrying Asian labourers collided with a truck carrying construction material during busy hours.

Ajbool Shaikh Hannan, a 24-year-old air conditioner mechanic, was one of the victims of the tragic accident on Monday, which occurred on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Truck Road near Al Rawdah Palace.

Hannan, who has two children, were unaware of their father's death, and seeing his grandmother's constant tears, three-year-old Asmaul Shaikh became very distressed.

According to Gulf News, he asked his grandmother 'why she kept calling his father's name', not understanding that his beloved father is no more.

Ajbool's two-year-old daughter Aisha did not understand anything, Mohammad Mar Jan Mulla, an uncle who works at a garment factory, said.

Mulla added that Ajbool's 50-year-old father, Hannan Shaikh, a cycle-rickshaw puller in Kolkata, has a heart problem and the family was depending on the remittance from the son for family expenses.

Ajbool's father, his 40-year-old mother, Mina Bibi, and 22-year-old, wife Salma Bibi, were not in a position to utter a single word when Gulf News tried to speak to them.

Saifuddin Mullah, another paternal uncle, said that the family have been inconsolable since they were told the tragic news.

Ajbool left India in 2010 to seek a better future for his small family.

Mulla said that 'being uneducated, he did not have a job here. We don't have any other means to live; otherwise why should we send our dear son to a far-away place.

Ajbool was the only Indian worker from his company, ETA, on the doomed bus, having missed the first bus of the morning to his worksite.

Saifuddin said that Ajbool earned about 1,100 Durham each month, and sent back about 800 Durham for his family.

Ajbool's uncle added that any compensation given by the UAE Government, or the company, would be of great help for the devastated family.

Ajbool's body was disfigured beyond recognition but his company uniform helped identify the body, a colleague told Gulf News.

Although his fingerprints were sent for a test to identify the body officially, the colleagues were sure about the body because he was the only one from his company in the doomed bus, the report added. (ANI)

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