Tell-all Netaji book released in Kolkata

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 17, 2012 07:14 hrs

Kolkata: In an attempt to provide an investigative insight into the mysterious death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Journalist Anuj Dhar officially released his book, 'India's Biggest Cover-up', here on Friday.

The book has been already launched early this year in other states.

Dhar has uncovered a systematic obstruction of justice by the government of India in its 'stranger-than-fiction' subplots, relying heavily on official records, the bulk of them still security-classified in violation of democratic norms.

"It is something that started in 1946 but the issue is still a mystery. I want to raise the issue of transparency and justice. It is a story but the main intention is to obtain declassification of official records," said Dhar.

According to the author, there have been three options one has to follow regarding the Netaji's mystery, such as the air crash theory, his stay in Russia and the story of Netaji's stay in a disguise of hermit called Bhagwanji who died in 1985 in Faizabad.

Dhar, who has spent more than a decade in uncovering the facts, rules out the air crash theory, which supposedly killed the leader since there was no reliable records of eyewitness evidences and no trace of Bose's dead body, or its picture and the versions of the witnesses were contradictory as well as misleading.

The book has information obtained from the Taiwan and the British Government, ruling out the air crash theory and supporting the view that Bose indeed escaped towards the former Soviet Union with the help from Japan.

The narrative is not only based on hearsay but has been augmented with about 90 excerpts and 200 images (1945--2012) from the secret records as well as from the archival materials under the freedom of information of India, US and UK, which were denied for public viewing under the RTI, in India.

"Our Government has no right to keep so many files on Netaji's document as secrets. In 1994, the US government cleared the air about John F Kennedy's assassination by making a comprehensive declassification of records. I want similar things to happen here," added Dhar.

Reasoned Dhar,"His brother Suresh Bose stated on oath before his death in 1972 that his brother was alive at the time and the handwriting test and DNA test of Bhagawanji were fudged. So I want a proper DNA test to be performed but of course not by Indian experts since tests are scientific but human hands are not!"

Right from the claims of the American journalist, who have seen Netaji days after his reported death to the picture by Associated Press claiming the presence of the holy man in the Paris venue, during the truce talks between Vietnam and the US, the book has it all, pointing up a most interesting "Dead Man" angle.

(Reporting by Shabarni Basu)

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