The six 'Ds' to keep your inbox clutter-free!

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 09:03 hrs

A new workshop had revealed the six easy ways to keep our inbox clutter-free as we struggle to handle high volumes of emails every day.

Productivity coach Wendy Cole, in her workshop "The Secret to Getting Things Done, and Managing 100+ Emails a Day", says majority of employees aren't trained to tackle vast volumes of emails and didn't know how to use email programs like Microsoft Outlook, reports.

According to Cole, here are the top six ways to handle and manage an email-filled inbox .

1. Delete: Every time you read an email, decide if the information is relevant to you. If not, delete it.

2. Do: If you can do whatever the email is requesting in two minutes, do it there and then.

3. Delegate: If it can't be done in two minutes but you are in a position to delegate it, pass it on to somebody else.

4. Defer: If you can't do the task immediately but it will take longer than two minutes, pick a time when you will get it done and add it to a to-do list.

4. Diminish: Cut down your email load by making rules in your inbox and directing emails into different folders.

5. Daily: Get your unread email count down to zero and do it daily.

Cole said people should avoid keeping emails as a "messy to do list", the report said.

She added the key to staying on top of your emails was to go into your inbox with a mindset that you are "processing", and also advised on 'centralised to-do lists' to organise your work day. (ANI)

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