Tibetan girl self-immolates to protest China

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 10:40 hrs

Beijing: Now, a 16-year-old Tibetan girl has reportedly died after setting herself on fire in a protest against China's religious and political suppression.

According to a report by state-run Xinhua news agency, the school pupil self-immolated on Monday in the village of Dageri in China's northwestern province of Qinghai, an area with a high population of ethnic Tibetans.

Her body was cremated four hours later and returned to her family, the news agency said, adding that local government officials were investigating, the Herald Sun reports.

According to the paper, over 90 Tibetans have set themselves ablaze since 2009 to protest China's rule of the Tibetan plateau, rights groups have said.

The teenager is among the youngest girls to have set themselves on fire.

Tibetans accuse the Chinese government of religious repression and eroding their culture, as the country's majority Han ethnic group increasingly moves into historically minority areas.

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